This is a research grant aimed at revitalizing research on infectious diseases in Japan.
Innovative and challenging research associated with infectious diseases based on the concept of One Health, regardless of the type of pathogen, is eligible for grants. In addition to fundamental research, drug discovery research, clinical research, epidemiology, public health etc., social science themes such as risk communication are also eligible for grants. We also welcome applications from different research areas other than medical and pharmaceutical sciences.
The following 5 kinds of grant programs are provided.
Research grant fund Purposes Funding and Duration
Grants for Next-Generation Researchers Support Grants for researchers under the age of 45 living in Japan who are ambitiously engaged in the research (from basic to clinical studies) on infectious diseases 3 million yen for 1 year per grant (30 grants)
Grants for Exploratory Research Grants for budding research based on original and innovative ideas in research on infectious diseases conducted in Japan 5 million yen for 1 year per grant (10 grants)
Grants for Fundamental Research Grants for research on the innovative fundamental research that can be expected to develop infectious disease research in Japan 10 million yen per year for 3 years per grant (4 grants)
Grants for Drug Discovery Research Grants for research related with drug discovery on infectious diseases 10 million yen per year for 2 years per grant (3 grants)
Grants for Clinical Research Grants for research to promote clinical research on infectious diseases 20 million yen per year for 3 years per grant (1 grant)
  (1) Researchers conducting their proposed research in Japan are eligible.
  (2) Research themes that receive large-scale research funding (10 million yen or more) are not eligible for grants.
  (3) Only in case of “Grants for Next-Generation Researchers Support”, researchers at the age of less than 45 at the end day of application period are eligible.
  (4) Recommendation from the head of department the applicant belongs to (professor etc.) is needed for the application to either “Grants for Next-Generation Researchers Support” or ” Grants for Exploratory Research”. Only one recommendation is allowed for one of these two applications from the head of each department.
  (5) Recommendation from the head of faculty the applicant belongs to (dean or director etc.) is needed for the application to either “Grants for Fundamental Research”, “Grants for Drug Discovery Research” or ” Grants for Clinical Research”. Only one recommendation is allowed for one of these three applications from the head of each faculty.
Application period:
  From April 1st, 2024 to June 30th, 2024
  Recipients will be selected by the Selection Committee and finalized by the Board of Directors
Notify of the results:
  With regard to pass/fail, applicants will be notified in December 2024
Start date to use Grants:
  From January 1st ,2025
Limitation on use of grants:
  (1) Grants are used only for the purchase of goods directly required for research on the selected research theme and for the expenses necessary to carry out the research.
  (2) In case for personnel expenses, grants can be used for the expenses of researchers employed for research and the expenses of dispatching personnel for research, not for the personnel and living expenses of the applicant and joint researchers. In addition, it cannot be used for eating and drinking expenses and entertainment expenses.
  (3) If there is a more than 30% (of the total grant) change in the purpose of use stated in the application form, please promptly submit to the Foundation to obtain approval from the Foundation by attach a notification in the prescribed form to an e-mail in advance.
Obligation for the reports:
  (1) A research summary report and income and expenditure report for this grant must be submitted in the prescribed format by 2 months after the end of the grant period.
  (2) Comply with all relevant regulations and guidelines when conducting this application research and making external presentations. In the case of publication on the journal, please clearly state that it was supported by the Foundation (SHIONOGI INFECTIOUS DISEASE RESEARCH PROMOTION FOUNDATION) and send a PDF of the publication to the Foundation.
  (3) If the research activities covered by this grant are to be canceled, please notify us in advance using the prescribed form.
  (4) If there is any change in the contents of the application form (research plan, affiliated institution, e-mail address, etc.), please notify us by attaching a notification in the prescribed form without delay.
Information disclosure:
  Information on accepted applications (name, affiliation, research topic, grant amount, etc.) will be posted on the foundation's website
Protection of Personal Information:
  Personal information acquired by the Foundation in relation to this grant will be handled only to the extent necessary for operations related to this grant
Intellectual property rights:
  The foundation renounces all intellectual property rights based on research results obtained through grants
The documents required for application:
  The templates of the documents (2) to (4) can be downloaded from website (My Page)
  (1) Personal information (created on the web page)
  (2) Summary for research application (研究概要)
  (3) Research Grant Application Form (研究助成申請書)
  (4) Letter of recommendation (推薦状)
Application step:
  The applicants can apply from the web system on the foundation's website. Applications cannot be submitted by mail or email.
To apply, first enter your user information on the My Page (マイページ) registration screen and obtain a My Page. After that, log in to My Page, check each grant program in the Information posted on the "Grant Project Page Top (助成事業ページTop)", and press "Apply here (ご応募はこちらから)", or from the "Various grant application reception (各種助成申請受付)" tab Enter and click on "Accepting grant application (助成申請受付中)" or "Click here to apply for grant application (助成申請の手続きはこちらから行ってください)" for each grant project to access the grant application reception form.